And that is that! 2018 done and dusted and we’re into 2019. Happy new year to each and every BCC member and your families. May 2019 be an amazing year for you and may it bring many PB’s or at least, many great runs!!

This week again has Tues as a public Holiday and given that it’s usually a late NYE for most, I’ve scheduled Tues as a rest day and added a run for Mon.

A School – Sean

Day Route Name KMs Training Details
Mon 05h30  Edenvale Square

12 Easy at 4:15-5:00p/km
Tues Rest    
Wed 05h30 Saheti Linksfield

12 Easy at 4:15-5:00p/km
Thu 05h30 Riley Reddam (tempo)


12 20mins easy, then 3 x 5mins at 10k race pace with 2-3mins slow jog between reps, then balance of route easy
Fri 05h30 Morninghill

9 Easy at 4:15-5:00p/km
Sat 06h00 Queens

14 Easy at 4:15-5:00p/km, then 4 x 100m pick ups
Sun 06h00 Dischem Helpers Race 21 15mins easy jog, then pick