Joining is EASY!

Joining a new running club can be daunting if you are new to running,

The good news is that we’ve all been there at one stage so we know EXACTLY what its like to join a club and come running for the first time. Please do not feel intimidated. We would love to have you run with us.

And if you are a seasoned runner and need a new club – come and train with a great bunch of people who also have running goals.

So what do you do? Simple. Come and run with us.

We train 6 days a week in the mornings.
Mondays: Rest Day
Tuesday: 5am
Wednesday: 5am
Thursday: 5am
Friday: 5am
Saturday: 6am
Sunday: 6am

Do you Have to become a member to try it out?
NO – You are more that welcome to come do a dozen runs with us to see if you enjoy it.

Where? All the runs start from the upper parking lot at the Virgin Active in front of the Bedfordview Athletics sign. Arrive ten minutes before the start of the morning run and tell someone you are new.
You will be guided to the right school to run with.

Below is an indication of the average pace of each school. This is merely a guideline and will vary depending on the day and the runners running. All the schools start at the same time.

  • A School : The quicker runners. Training takes place generally at sub 5min per km
  • B School : Intermediate runners. Training pace varies from 5min/km to 5:45 min/km
  • C School : Less quicker runners. Training pace varies from 5:45/km to 6:30 min/km
  • D School : Our nursery

Come down and join the school suits your pace the best. : )
If in doubt start with a slower school and get familiar before you move to a faster group.

When do I need to join the club and pay fees?

Once you are more serious and want to start running regular races you will need to become a more formal member.

Application forms are available on this site (click here) and all membership queries can be directed to Alan Smith who is based at the Virgin Active in Bedfordview. He can be contacted on 011 455 1870 or

Our membership cycle runs from 1 November to 31 October each year.

As you know your fees go towards ASA membership and your running licence number, coaching, communication, race catering, the clubhouse and much more.


Retired Members – (65 years old and older) – R1050
VA + CC Admin Levy + Athletics levy + Licence fee
Junior Members – (23 years old and younger) – R750
VA + BCC Admin Levy + Athletics levy + Licence fee
Seniors – (All other members) – R1450
VA + BCC Admin Levy + Athletics levy + Licence fee


Ready to join – Follow the steps below…

Register on the website and create a profile.


Select the membership that applies to you and make payment.


There is no step 3 – you are a member and we look forward to welcoming you to our colourful club.


The are many benefits to joining a great running club like Bedfordview Athletics.
> Your training becomes easy as you always have someone to run with or to train with.
> You receive your ASA licence number and can run under the Bedfordview Athletics banner.
> Most big races are catered and the is a gazebo and area to drop your things off before a race and for you to refresh after the race and compare stories.
> Our training programmes are developed by a top coach and will help you get through the big races likes Two Oceans and Comrades.
> We are a great clubhouse at Virgin Active that we use for all the events, functions and guest talks we have during the year.
> Discounts and benefits that are available to you as a member from many stores, restaurants and services around Bedfordview.
> You get to become part of the Bedfordview Athletics sporting family with years of tradition.