Weekly Training
Why run alone?

Below is an example of a weekly training schedule.
As you can see each running school runs to a program created by our coach to suit each level.
All programmes are in place to improve your running and prepare you for upcoming races such as a marathon or Comrades>
You just need to fall in with the training it will get you through each race.
What you waiting for? Come run with us!

Example training schedule…

Day Route Name Distance Training Details
Mon  Rest Rest
Tues 05h00 Kings Abedago Loop 9 Easy at 5:45-6:30p/km
Wed 05h00 Track 9 Easy warm up around club loop, then 4 x 400m at a fast pace with 400m jog between, then easy cool down around club loop
Thu 05h00 Edenvale Cemetery 9 Easy at 5:45-6:30p/km
Fri 05h00 Bedford Centre 9 Easy at 5:45-6:30p/km
Sat 06h00 Queens 14 Easy at 5:45-6:30p/km or Parkrun
Sun 06h00 Vale Tough Guy 26 Easy at 5:45-6:30p/km


W School

A great alternative for members.
Catherine de la Motte is leading up the official BCC walking group every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5am and Saturday at 6am.