Wildlands – Comrades – Race 4 Charity 2017

Help Me to Help Wildlands AND Join Me on The Comrades 2017 Journey! by Noeleen McCallum



As you know by now, I am passionate about Wildlands’ projects and want to continue aiding their endeavours.
And I need your support, please!

Some of you have done this with me before, now the call is to again extend this invite to you,
Plus attract new contributors, toward exceeding my set target of R25k for Wildlands, by 2 May 2017 via the Comrades Race 4 Charity initiative.

Although ANY amount is very much appreciated, I’m asking that you match my initial contribution of R300 (or more, and if you are so inclined & able,
add another zero and make it R3000-00? OK, that’s me kidding around & taking a Huge Chance!)
Seriously though, there is no limit to the amount or the number of times you can contribute so you could even do it in instalments over a few months!

Close your eyes and picture individual raindrops falling together, creating a trickle, then forming a stream and fashioning a refreshing river for all to enjoy and benefit…?
Well, your collective Rands will splash into a pool which will eventually become a “Funds-Dam” for utilisation by Wildlands
to continue their splendid efforts at realising their vision, A Sustainable Future for All.

To get this dam thing going, for every contribution received of R300 and above, I pledge to add R30.

It’s sooooo easy…  Open your wallet. Open your purse. Take out your card, (Ctr+Click link below) & contribute
at: https://secure.onreg.com/onreg2/personal/profile.php?eventid=3361&recordid=6009.
Do let me know if you have any hassle via this link so that I can have it resolved pronto. And do send me a copy of the receipt if you can, please.

Note for Colleagues: Our fine employer, Standard Bank, will again be matching the Total Staff Contributions,
Reminder > all those offers of coffee I declined – forget Vida/Buzz/Starbux: Donate your Bucks instead!

Please read about two very important Wildlands initiatives below (before, during or after payment)J

PS : Feel free to encourage participation by sharing this note with your family, friends, colleagues, teachers, lecturers, estate agents, lawyers, doctors, receptionists,
hairstylists, therapists, dog walkers, cat sitters, book-club members, strangers, stalkers, other runners, long lost lovers, your entire Whatsapp contacts and FB pals.
Oh, and if anyone can re-send me Richard Branson or Donald Trump’s details I will be grateful, thanks.

NB : For Companies / Corporations / Organisations etc, an S18A will be issued on request.

If you are not already aware, Wildlands’ focus-projects include:
Trees for life. Greening your future. Recycling for life. Clothes for Life. Ubuntu Earth. Khuthaza business. Conservation space (incl. Rhino, Heffalumps, Wild Dawgs, ens.)
Visit www.wildlands.co.za to see the magic these folk weave throughout our beautiful country.
For Our People, Our Animals, Our Heritage!

All my love (and hopes for charity)
Race #57541
2017, UP. ZINIKELE! I’m gonna Give it My All, for Wildlands. Join me!
Going forward to 7th Medal.

Comrades 2017 promises to be BIGGER AND BETTER for the Wildlands runners.
This year we are improving our campaign by giving you more of an option and extending your fundraising to include the Green Desk project.

The Green desk project was launched a few months ago where Wildlands, together with our partner,
Rural Waste Poverty Alleviation came up with a ground-breaking innovation of recycling multi layered plastic into desks.
These plastics would have otherwise gone to landfill. South Africa has a shortage of 300 000 desks and we are excited to get
the public, corporates and potential partners involved to being part of the solution. See press release below.

The loyal rhino lovers can still support the various rhino conservation projects which they have been supporting but we have also added a new project. By raising R10 000, we will be able to buy a mobile repeater which will assist the team at Somkhanda game reserve improve monitoring and download real time information on the rhino.


Recent Press Release: Green Desks – a ground-breaking recycling innovation from Wildlands

“This is a super exciting step in our recycling journey,” exclaimed Wildlands’ CEO Dr Andrew Venter, at a low key launch of their Green Desk
in Howick KwaZulu – Natal, recently. “A key local partner in this has been RWPA – Rural Waste Poverty Alleviation, who were inspired by the work we do, cleaning and greening communities nationally, and have worked tirelessly to find a ground-breaking to solution for previously ‘unrecyclable’ material.”

To increase the lifespan of products on shelves, multi – layered plastic materials and packaging has been developed. These multi – layered plastics have not been recyclable,
and up until now have been incinerated or ended up on landfill. RWPA have now figured out how to recycle these multi layered plastics (without having to use one drop of water),
and through a combination of grinding and extrusion, and then squeezing and densifying the material into a mould, planks are being produced and used to create school desks.

“There is a shortage of more than 300 000 school desks in South Africa,” said Venter. “Incorporating these desks into our existing models will help us close the loop by cleaning communities and supporting the education of children – the future of our country.
The Green Desk project would not have been possible without support from Unilever and South 32. Unilever worked closely with us to
innovate this solution and South 32 are actively assisting us with expanding into northern KZN. Futurelife, Nedbank and ZAC (Zululand Anthracite Colliery) are also contributing with the collection of waste, the production of desks and the overall improvement of schools.”

RWPA are also exploring opportunities around using these planks to build low cost housing, and share a vision with Wildlands around uplifting communities, poverty alleviation and creating a “Sustainable Future for All.”

Wildlands and Nedbank, partners in a Sustainable Schools Programme, recently visited Chistlehurst Academics and Arts School (Pietermaritzburg).
This very special eco-friendly school relies on JoJo tanks for water and solar strip panels and a generator for lighting.

To further ‘green’ their school, they recently chose to barter their entire year’s collection of recyclable waste for a classroom of Green Desks!
These desks, made from previously unrecyclable plastic, are assembled at Wildlands’ Midmar Recycling Depot.

Other top recycling schools such as St Johns and St Annes have also chosen to barter their recyclable waste and furthermore,
generously donate a classroom of Green Desks to other schools in need.

Jacyn Fanner, spokesman for Chistlehurst, enthused, “The students love them! We are so grateful because they fit so
beautifully in our eco-friendly school and they look amazing both in the classrooms and outdoors.”