Run the Berg 2015

Run the Berg 2015 feedback
By Samantha Allen

Two days of trail running (mostly single track) with the most
spectacular views and scenery of the Northern Drakensberg. There are two
routes – the Extreme (25kms per day) and the Challenge (15kms per day) – I
took the Challenge 🙂 

Day 1 – we went up and then we came down. A very technical day with very
steep ascents and descents – lots of rock and loose sand so you had to keep
your wits about you! The route took us up behind the Cavern Resort, just
below the cliffs and then followed some undulating open fields home to a 1km
tricky decent into the finish.

Day 2 – we went down and then we came up. Much less technical and, as the
organisers put it, perfect trails for the runners. Far faster and easier to
open up, especially when we were running through fields and farmlands. The
route took us through the valley and across a few rivers which offered very
different (but equally as beautiful) scenery.

Two days of absolutely breathtaking trail running with superb organisation!
I will definitely be back next year!