RACING MADAGASCAR is a trail-type sporting event with stages from 9 km to 44 km on 6 days.

It is an individual speed free competition. The maximum time for ranking is limited depending on which stage you are (all breaks included- under the condition that you record on different checkpoints before their closing hours which would be indicated in the Road Book – Article 14). If one goes beyond those limits, he/she will not be ranked and will be off the race. However, checkpoints’ closing hours have already been calculated in order for runners to reach the arrival accordingly to the time limit (included breaks, resting, eating etc.).

The path has been evaluated by ITRA and offers a cumulated distance of 150 km on average and 700 m ascending elevation. The stages will be organized as such :

  • Tuesday, the 19th of July, 2016 – Stage 1 from Beamalona Waterfall (Close to Anivorano) to Marovato: 19 km; 560M+; 560M- ; Time limit 3 hrs.
  • Wednesday, the 20th of July, 2016 – Stage 2 from Marovato to Boriravina: 20 km; 150M+; 460M- ; Time limit 3 hrs.
  • Thursday, the 21st of July, 2016 – Stage 3 from Boriravina to Ankerika: 20 km; 70M+; 190M- ; Time limit: 3 hrs.
  • Friday, the 22nd of July, 2016 – Stage 4 from Ankerika to Ampondrafeta: 44 km; 300M+; 310M- ; Time limit: 6 hrs.
  • Saturday, the 23rd of July 2016 – Stage 5 from Ampondrafeta to The Baie des Sakalava: 30 km; 120M+; 130M- ; Time limit: 4.30 hrs.
  • Sunday, the 24th of July 2016 – Stage 6 from La Montagne des Français to Diégo-Suarez: 9 km; 70M+; 40M- ; Time limit: 1.30 hrs.
  • 150kms, 1’270m+, 1’690m-
  • 6 days: 19kms / 20kms / 20kms / 44kms / 30kms / 9kms
  • Villages, national parks and beaches crossed
  • Overnight accommodation and meals in villages
  • Refreshment stations on long stages
  • Time limit: from 1’30 to 6 hours per day
  • Start: 19th July 2016
  • Race limited to 100 runners
  • Qualifying Race for UTMB 2017 (4 points)

Strengthened by several years of experience in tourism and sports-events, BOOGIE PILGRIM is launching an innovative racing concept.

In September 2014, our partnership with Racing The Planet for an Ultra-Trail of 250K opened our gates. It was an ultra-trail of 7 days with 240 participants from all around the world. The Diego Suarez region in Northern Madagascar is a perfect playground, it is diverse, and with beautiful scenery.

We associate personalities of trail running, our expertise as a Tour Operator, as well as the long-term integration in Madagascar for over 25 years. Having been the official supplier and RAID GAULOISES organizers in 1993, the BOOGIE’s are now launching this new race: RACING MADAGASCAR!

For its first edition, RACING MADAGASCAR concentrates on sports fans, looking for endurance, challenge, as well as organizing their adventure with responsibility and care.

RACING MADAGASCAR also proposes to integrate the rest of the family or friends in order for them to accompany and share all experiences throughout the race.

The race will be divided in 6 different stages of 10 to 45 km with different elevations allowing participators to compete with worldwide runners. Runners will carry their gears while racing. However, luggage and travel bags will be transported from camp to camp by our Logistics team.

“A Safe Environment”

Checkpoints will be placed every 10 to 15 km with water supply, a medical team, communication facilities, and an evacuation truck.

If you are interested in this event – please contact Cedric on marketing@racing-madagascar.com