Boroughs of Bedfordview 2023

Come enjoy a great day at the races with your club.

From Virgin Active Bedfordview, 101 Van Buuren Road
Outside the Squash Courts.


Saturday 23 September 2023 between 10h00 – 13h00
Sunday 24 September 2023 between 10h00 – 15h00
Monday 25 September 2023 from 04h30 at venue

15km at 06h00
5km at 06h15

The route will start & finish at the Virgin Active Bedfordview top field opposite the squash courts  at 101 Van Buuren Avenue, Bedfordview. Both the 15km & 5km will be electronically timed, gun to mat.

Powered by Afrihost, the first 1750 entries to the 15km will receive an Afrihost technical T-shirt and goodie bag as part of their entry. 15km Race will start at 06:00 and is gun to mat timing with a 2.5 hour cut-off.
The 5km will start at 06:15 and it will be timed.

PRIZE GIVING at 08h00 (equal prize money for male & female).

Prize money 2023 15km Only
Open 1 2500
  2 1500
  3 500
40-49 1 1000
  2 500
50-59 1 1000
  2 500
60+ 1 800
Junior 1 500
  2 250




Bedfordview Country Club / Virgin Active

Brought to you by Bedfordview Athletics Club and Powered by Afrihost.

Find joy in running the Boroughs of Bedfordview as we host the 3rd event on Monday 25th September 2023. Powered by Afrihost we have some exciting new initiatives and give-aways. The new initiatives is the 5km is now timed, the 5km entries will get an Afrihost technical T-shirt and all entries will get FREE race photos! Smile, pose and share your race photos after the event!

This year the race will be run on Monday 25th September 2023 starting and finishing at Virgin Active Top field opposite Squash courts, 101 Van Buuren Road, Bedfordview.

The first 1750 – 15km entrants and 250 – 5km entrants will receive an Afrihost technical shirt as part of their entry together with some other exciting goodies. The net proceeds from the timed 5km Fun Walk/ Run, will be donated in support of our local community initiative Better Bedfordview.

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15KM Entry is R180.00
(Temp Licence R60)
Includes Afrihost Technical T-Shirt, FREE race photos and a Goodie Bag
T-Shirt is limited to first 1750 Entries. All entry fees exclude online transaction fees.

5KM Entry is R100.00
(No Temp Licence needed)
Includes Afrihost Technical T-Shirt, FREE race photos and a Goodie Bag
T-Shirt is limited to first 250 Entries. All entry fees exclude online transaction fees.

Boroughs of Bedfordview 2022 Throwback

Take Part in the Boroughs of Bedfordview 2023 – Powered by Afrihost.

Hosted at Bedfordview Country Club by Bedfordview Athletics
101 Van Buuren Avenue, Bedfordview at Virgin Active/Bedfordview Country Club.

View the 15km and 5km Routes Below

Boroughs of Bedfordview 15km

View 15KM Route on Strava

Boroughs of Bedfordview 5km

View 5KM Route on Strava


  1. Runners must wear their event race number with disposable chip to get results.
  2. The race is held under the rules of ASA and CGA.
  3. All athletes participate at their own risk & acknowledge by entering the event that they are medically fit to participate. All athletes must supply the name and contact number of their next of kin during the entry process.
  4. The minimum age for entry is 16 years old on race day for the 15km and 5 years old for the 5km Fun Run.
  5. No littering on route and anyone found to be littering may be disqualified.
  6. All athletes must wear the event race number provided on the front of their vests and must ensure the title sponsor on the provincial licence is clearly visible.
  7. Licenced athletes must:
    –  belong to a club affiliated to ASA
    –  wear their club colours
    –  wear their 2023 licence number on the front & back of their vests or purchase a temporary license
  1. Licenced athletes not wearing their club colours may face disqualification.
  2. Unlicenced athletes must buy a temporary licence at registration and wear plain clothing with the temporary license on the back of their vests.
  3. Numerical age category ID tags must be visible on both front and back of athletes competing for category prizes.
  4. Proof of age to be produced on request on Race Day and prize money may be withheld until all necessary details are verified.
  5. Athletes indemnify national, provincial and regional bodies, sponsors and organisers of the race against all and any actions of whatsoever nature that may occur during the race.
  6. No seconding or bicycles are allowed along the route. Ample refreshment stations are provided.
  7. No blades, cycles, scooters or mechanically operated devices.
  8. No 2, 3 or 4 wheel carts/prams that are mechanically or manually operated by participants, or wheelchair athletes will be permitted to participate without special permission from the race organiser. All such participants must start at the back of the field.
  9. We regret that athletes are not allowed to participate with pets.
  10. No refunds.
  11. Foreign athletes must provide a clearance letter from their country of origin in the event of their winning a prize. This is in compliance with the WA & ASA rule 142.2 and 4.2.
  12. Foreign athletes are not allowed to run with an ASA Provincial licence and are required to purchase a temporary licence or face disqualification. (Refer to WA rule 4.)
  13. Foreign athletes are not allowed to run in club colours unless such club exists in their country of origin or they are in possession of a refugee status permit or are naturalised citizens of RSA. (Refer to WA rule 4.)
  14. The official cut-off time 8h30. All marshals & officials will be withdrawn from the course after cut off.
  15. No entries or substitutions on Race Day.
  16. No duplicate of lost numbers will be issued.
  17. Copy of ID is required at registration.
  18. No earphones allowed and contravention of WA rule 144.2b, may lead to disqualification.
  19. It’s illegal to run with another athlete’s race number and all athletes found to be in contravention of this rule will be reported to CGA and their respective club.
  20. No athlete may participate in our race without buying an official entry and if found in contravention of this rule, will be liable for all late entry penalties with habitual offenders will be reported to CGA and their respective club.
  21. All instructions from traffic & race officials/marshals must be obeyed at all times.
  22. The race organiser retains the right to refuse entry and eject persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol, who are disorderly, or engage in inappropriate behaviour, vandalism or evade paying for admission.
  23. Objections must be lodged within 30 minutes after completing the race with the Chief Referee accompanied by R500.00 which is refundable should the appeal be upheld.
  24. Please note, should there be official race photographers on the day, entry information will be shared with the race photographers for them to alert you when your race pictures are available.
    Entrants agree that photographs taken by the official race photographer on event day can be used for promotional purposes by the event and/or the event sponsors.